Biodiesel Pump in Bihar & Jharkhand | NX100 Pacific Biofuel is always making sustainable fuel arrangements and environmentally friendly power vitality advancements to make a more joyful, clearer, more brilliant India. The organization is devoted to the mission of practical advancement to convey an incredible green fuel involvement the nation over​.


  • Fulfill the customer needs in the time duration.

  • To provide high standard of products with quality , quantity and services.

  • To consistent with the government policies.

  • To serve the national interests in oil and related bio-Diesel sector.

  • To enhance the country’s self-sufficiency in Bio-Diesel sector.

  • To create a strong research & development base in Bio-Diesel refinery process.

  • To provide proper guideline to customer regarding the norms of Bio-Diesel pump installation.

  • Profit maximization with customer satisfaction.

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